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Sketch Pen12 N
Classic Wax Crayons16 N
Handwriting Pencil1 N
Fluro Jumbo Eraser2 N
Pen1 N
Pencil Puppet (Free)1 N
The Artline Draw-n-Colour Kit is a specially curated package designed for school use, containing a variety of essential tools for drawing, coloring, and writing. The kit includes:

  1. Sketch pen: A marker or felt-tip pen used for sketching, drawing, and coloring. Sketch pens come in a variety of colors and tip sizes for creating bold and vibrant artwork.
  2. Classic wax crayons: Wax crayons are sticks of colored wax used for coloring and drawing. They are easy to use, vibrant in color, and popular among children for art activities.
  3. Handwriting pencil: A pencil specifically designed for writing and sketching. It provides a comfortable grip and standard lead hardness suitable for everyday use.
  4. Fluro jumbo eraser: A large eraser in a fluorescent color that is used to clean up pencil marks and mistakes on paper. It is effective in erasing without leaving residue behind.
  5. Pen: A writing instrument used for everyday writing tasks such as note-taking, drawing, and sketching.
  6. Pencil puppet (Free): A fun and creative accessory that can be used to cover the tip of a pencil, adding a playful element to writing and drawing activities.

The Artline Draw-n-Colour Kit offers a convenient and comprehensive set of tools for students to express their creativity, practice handwriting, and work on art projects in school. It provides a range of materials for various artistic tasks and encourages students to explore their artistic abilities in a fun and engaging way.

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