• Popular Choice For Writing On Whiteboards
  • Ideal For Presentations, Classrooms, And Meetings
  • Large Nib That Allows For Bold And Clear Writing
  • Big Nib Whiteboard Marker, Reliable And Convenient Choice For Writing On Whiteboards In Educational, Business, Or Home Settings
  • Refillable, Which Can Be Cost-Effective And Environmentally Friendly
  • Clearly Visible From A Distance
  • Reliable Marker For Whiteboard Use
  • Vivid And Bright Colors That Stand Out On The Whiteboard Surface
  • Cost-Effective In The Long Run
  • Environmentally Friendly Option By Reducing Plastic Waste

Ink colours

4 colours

Item NameWhiteboard Marker 5100A
Writing Width 5 mm
Inner : Box of 6
Shipper : 48 Boxes
Inner : 6 Packs
Shipper : 108 Packs
The Artline 5100A Big Nib Whiteboard Marker is a popular choice for writing on whiteboards. It features a large nib that allows for bold and clear writing, making it ideal for presentations, classrooms, and meetings. The marker is designed to be low-odor and produces vivid colors that are easily visible from a distance. It is also refillable, which can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Overall, the Artline 5100A is a reliable marker for whiteboard use.

The Artline 5100A Big Nib Whiteboard Marker has several key features:

Large Nib: Its large nib allows for clear and bold writing on whiteboards, making the writing easily visible even from a distance.
Low Odor: It is designed to be low-odor, which makes it more comfortable to use in enclosed environments such as classrooms or meeting rooms.
Vivid Colors: It produces vivid and bright colors that stand out on the whiteboard surface, making the written information easy to read and understand.
Refillable: It is refillable, which can be cost-effective in the long run and is also a more environmentally friendly option by reducing plastic waste.

In summary, the Artline 5100A Big Nib marker is a reliable and convenient choice for writing on whiteboards in educational, business, or home settings.

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