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Handwriting Pencil6 N
Artline Classic Wax Crayons12 N
Artline 15cm Scale1 N
Artline Child safe dust free Eraser2 N
Artline Pencil Sharpener1 N
The Artline Student’s Kit is a comprehensive set of essential tools for students and young artists to use for various art and writing projects. The kit includes:

  1. Handwriting pencil: A pencil specifically designed for writing, drawing, and sketching. It typically has a comfortable grip and a standard lead hardness suitable for everyday use.
  2. Classic wax crayons: Wax crayons are sticks of colored wax used for coloring and drawing. They are easy to use, vibrant in color, and popular among children for art activities.
  3. 15cm scale: A measuring tool used for drawing straight lines, measuring lengths, and creating precise shapes in artwork or technical drawings.
  4. Child-safe, dust-free eraser: An eraser that is safe for children to use and produces minimal dust when erasing pencil marks. It helps to clean up mistakes and smudges without leaving residue behind.
  5. Pencil sharpener: A tool used for sharpening pencils to maintain a fine point for detailed work. It ensures that pencils are always ready for writing and drawing tasks.

Overall, the Artline Student’s Kit provides a convenient and practical set of tools for students to express their creativity, practice handwriting, and work on art projects both at school and at home.

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