Xstamper Dater Stamp in Size 22 MM X 18 MM of Blue Body Colour | Easy to Use onto Documents Or Other Surfaces | Ink Refillable

  • Date Functionality
  • Easy To Use
  • Ink Refillable
  • Clean Imprints
  • Easily Imprint The Current Date Onto Documents Or Other Surfaces
  • For Convenience, With A User-Friendly Interface That Makes It Simple To Adjust The Date And Apply The Stamp
  • Xstamper Dater Stamp Is Refillable
  • Easily Replace The Ink Pad When Needed
  • Provides Clean And Clear Imprints
  • Used In A Variety Of Settings, From Office Work To Personal Projects

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Item NameDater Stamp - Blue Colour Body
Inner : 10x6 Pack
Shipper : 60 Packs
A date stamp, also known as a dater stamp, is a tool used to imprint the current date onto various documents or materials. It typically consists of a rubber or metal stamp with movable bands or wheels that can be adjusted to display the day, month, and year. Date stamps are commonly used in offices, libraries, post offices, and other organizations to mark the receipt, processing, or validation of documents.

Date stamps are available in various designs and formats, including self-inking stamps, manual hand stamps, and electronic date stamps. They are often customizable to include additional information such as company names, logos, or specific text.

If you’re considering getting a date stamp, you can find them at office supply stores, stationery shops, or through online retailers. When choosing a date stamp, consider factors such as durability, ease of use, and the specific requirements of your intended application.

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